AlpInvest SwimBikeRun for MSF

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from € 7.000 (180%)

On Sept 9th, 6 teams composed by 18 brave AlpInvest professionals and alumni from eight different nationalities will swim 1.9km, 92.5km bike or run 21.1km at the Triathlon European Championship Almere-Amsterdam 2017 (https: //www.challenge-almere. com)

The Objective: crossing the finish line (as for some will be the first time competing on Such distances) to raise funds for Doctors Without Borders (MSF). Support us to smash the fundraising target, and we will fly toward the finish line ...

The Teams:

AlpInvest Maranello:  Konstantin (Swim), Eline (Bike), Rene (Run)

AlpInvest Cirque du Sore Legs:  Bastiaan (Swim), Piet Hein (Bike), Neal (Run)

AlpInvest TriSlowDonkeys:  Roberto (Swim), Piet Hein (Bike), Ward (Run)

AlpInvest All Stars:  Bas (Swim), Bo (Bike), Cindy (Run)

AlpInvest One:  Tudor (Swim), Alexander (Bike), Charnez (Run)

AlpInvest Alpacas:  Bill (Swim), Patrick (Bike), Mary (Run)

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