Baby Cooper

Baby Cooper
from € 250 (66%)

Dear family, friends and colleagues,

Baby Cooper was born January 18th 2018. Of course he is the most pretty and gorgeous baby ever!

We would love to share our luck and joy with other mothers and babies. We are fortunate to have had great healthcare during and after pregnancy and wish for every woman and baby around the world to have the same. Little Cooper has everything he needs, so please don't buy us any gifts, but help us raise money for mothers and babies in need.

The collected money will support mother & child projects of Doctors without Borders (Artsen zonder Grenzen). With the money the organisation distributes: home delivery kits; polio vaccinations; malaria tests for pregnant women; hiv treatment for babies in crisis areas; etc. Every little bit helps, thanks you!

Rosemary,  Daan, Mees & Cooper

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