Baby Christina en Simon

Baby Theissing


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Leider huet net all Bébé t Gleck an eng secher Welt gebuer ze gin. Fier och aner Bébéën t Meiglegkeet fun enger secherer Geburt ze gin, wellen mer ierch froen fier net nemmen un eise bébé ze denken, mee och un weltwäit Kanner an Nout. Sou gett eise Bébé e Bébé ouni Grenzen.

For € 2,50 a mosquito net can be purchased to protect mothers and babies against malaria.

For € 5,- MSF can purify 150.000 liter water.

For € 10,- a basic kit can be made for a safe (home) delivery for 1 mother and her baby.

For € 25,- MSF can purchase special, energy rich nutrition to help 1 malnourished child recover in 5 weeks time.