Limping to the finish line

Gill Wijnhoven


166% reached of my target amount €250
0% Achieved from my goal 21 km

So let's start with stating the bleeding obvious: I've never been amazing at sport. I have terrible coordination and my legs are too short to take me anywhere fast. It took me till about age 40 to realise that being amazing doesn't matter, but doing it makes you feel really good. And in the meantime I've discovered that I really love getting outside and running, and thanks to the drive of my running buddy I've got faster and we've decided to run a half marathon. And since this is about the most unlikely thing I'll ever do, I decided I may as well try to raise some money. I picked Artsen Zonder Grenzen (aka part of the worldwide network that is Medecins Sans Frontiers) because of their work providing emergency and medical care and their guts in speaking out when it's needed. I'll be running 21.0975km (and not a step further) on 19th March in Amstelveen. Your sponsorship will really help my motivation, and more importantly, people in crisis situations all over the world. If you can spare a euro or two, I'd really appreciate it. Thank you x