Alpha's One Hour / One Day Campaign

Arie Verburg

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What is it and when does it take place?

One Hour, One Day is the opportunity for you to donate the equivalent of either an hour or a day of your annual salary to Medecins Sans Frontieres. We will be running our campaign from 30th May until 14th June. Participation in this campaign is completely optional.

Where will my donation go?

As MSF donors, we fuel the delivery of medical aid to the people who need it most, no matter where they are or whether they have hit the headlines. Our money pays for millions of consultations, operations, treatments and vaccinations every year.

When we donate to MSF, the money is banked and then directed to the country where the need is greatest. This is coordinated across the 19 MSF offices and projects in over 60 countries, but none of the funds sent to the frontline is spent on international administration costs.

At MSF, care is delivered directly rather than through local partner organisations. MSF set up and run medical services, train staff and respond to fast moving emergencies, as well as longer-term crises. This means the money we trust to MSF is spent by MSF.

€64 pays for a field tent. They are delivery rooms where mothers hold their babies in their arms for the first time, operating rooms where MSF doctors save lives, and wards where malnourished children receive treatment to grow healthy and strong.

€97 pays for a doctor. Send a doctor to the field and you’re sending a lifesaver, a hope provider, and a caregiver who will help some of the millions of patients MSF teams treat every year. No matter their specialty, MSF doctors quickly become general practitioners providing whatever care patients require.

€175 pays for a dressing kit. This kit is an essential part of MSF emergency response work, helping the staff bind wounds and ease the suffering of people who have already experienced high levels of pain and trauma.

€225 pays for a surgeon’s tool kit. MSF surgeons reach for these surgical instruments many times a day, performing lifesaving operations on men, women, children in field hospitals all over the world.