Uwe's PhD Defense Gift

Uwe Thümmel


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For his PhD defense, Uwe wants no usual gifts. No expensive watch. No grand piano. No labor-saving-and-skill-biased-technical-change-inducing robot.

That's understandablethe best gift to an economist is cash (c.f. deadweight loss of Christmas).

But Uwe does not want cash, either. Other-regarding preferences, we gather.

And so, if you wish to congratulate Uwe, consider making a donation to Doctors Without Borders, a terrific organization helping those in dire need. Any amount helps.

Oh, and by the way, we will keep close tabs on whether you make your name public or not when donating, all for a good scientific purpose. What kind of economists would we be if we did not test what model of altruism was most consistent with your giving behavior towards Uwe? Certainly worse than Dr. Thümmel.

Is this trial randomized and double blind, we hear, from someone at the back? Well, for that you will have to go to Uwe's PhD defenseso see you there.