Yin for Good

Raisa Menon


28% reached of my target amount €500

Dear friends,
Please support my cause to donate to Doctors Without Borders (Medicine Sans
Frontier, MSF). I will be teaching free Yin Yoga classes to friends and family in
Amsterdam and London to enrich my practice as a yoga teacher. If you’d like
more information on why I chose MSF, please read my brief below. 
Thank you. 
Love and light, 
My story:
Some months ago, MSF approached me for a donation. I have no idea why I
agreed at the time, as I’m usually leery about donating to charities or NGOs.
Further, I was between jobs and hadn’t begun my yoga teacher training. Still, I
agreed to give a small donation.

But the MSF request stayed with me. Instinctively, I felt there was more I could
and should do. The further I explored MSF’s work, the more I was convinced.
The MSF doctors working across 74 countries do so much, under perilous
circumstances. They risk their lives every day to save people. Their sacrifices
are more real than ever to me, with the humanitarian crises across the globe.
I’d like to support them as it’s the least I can do.  And it's motivated me to dive
into what I believe is my calling.

Having discovered and practiced yin yoga, I appreciate its efficacy. Its principles
combine physical and mental well-being with deeper concepts of kindness, and
finding meaning & balance in one’s life. My goal is to make a difference to
the lives of my students through its teaching. In so doing, I hope to contribute
towards supporting the doctors of MSF.