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Like so many others, we at BTS Europe continue to be saddened and horrified by the continued and evolving situation in Ukraine. 

It is important to us as an organisation that our values show up through the actions that we take.  We have already put in place a number of measures within our business as a response to the events unfolding, but we are driven to do more.

As such, BTS Europe has committed to supporting the charitable organisation Médecins Sans Frontieres (also known as MSF, Doctors without Borders or Artsen Zonder Grenzen) with a €10,000 donation and to match employee donations throughout 2022 up to €15,000.  This webpage has been set up in order to allow us to track and match donations made.

MSF medical teams act fast to save people’s lives in conflict zones, natural disasters and epidemics. Their first priority in Ukraine has been resupplying hospitals that are in desperate need of medicines and equipment, but they also have specialist medical teams on the ground there providing critical support to the health teams within Ukraine. Our contacts at MSF have shared that the scale of help needed is immense. You can find out more about their work in Ukraine here or take a look at this video (