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Cinedans WEB Special: Why We Fight


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Again and again, stories of conflict, fight and war surround us and remind us that our intentions and actions don’t always align. We live in a world that constantly struggles to balance out all the beauty and the terror. A persistent facet of our human story. 
Driven by the current turmoil that is perpetuated in our world, Cinedans brings forward a selection of films that focus on the mechanisms and systems that lead us against each other, in conflict and war but at the same time pay an ode to art and offer hope, beauty and consolation. 
Cinedans would like to thank all the filmmakers for contributing to this WEB Special! 
From 24 - 26 November the WEB Special is available to watch worldwide for free. However, we would greatly appreciate it if you would make a donation. All proceeds will be redirected to Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors without Borders | Artsen zonder Grenzen). 
Why We Fight? | Director: Alain Platel and Mirjam Devriendt
Two To Tango | Director: Dimitri Sterkens | Choreographer: Anibal Lautaro
Bailaora | Director: Rubin Stein | Choreographer: Mercedes Morillo
Pantelleria | Director: Masbedo
Competing For Sunlight: Ash | Director: Dagmar Dachauer | Choreographer: Dagmar Dachauer, Knut Vikström Precht
On Mending | Director: Shawn Fitzgerald Ahern, Emilie Leriche | Choreographer: Emilie Leriche, Shawn Fitzgerald Ahern
Embrace | Director: Shantala Pèpe | Choreographer: Shantala Pèpe, Wilkie Branson
Cinedans is the only organization in the Netherlands dedicated entirely to the dance film, bringing together presentation, development and international distribution of the genre. Cinedans WEB is an online platform for sharing knowledge, special programming and opening up archives.