Baby without Borders: Kaunismaa-Corthals

Katri Kaunismaa
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Dear family, friends, colleagues and strangers,

Scott Sebastian was born on May 1! We feel happy and joyous with our beautiful, healthy 1-month old.

To share our joy and fortune, we wish to raise some money for an Artsen zonder Grenzen (Doctors without borders in the Netherlands) campaign called "Baby zonder Grenzen" (Baby without Borders). We've received great healthcare during the pregnancies and we've got a lot of baby stuff already to take care of the newest member of our family. That is why we want to participate in this campaign and raise some money and awareness for families that are less fortunate. The collected money goes to the mother & child projects of Artsen zonder Grenzen. With the money the organisation gets home delivery kits, polio vaccinations, malaria tests for pregnant women and hiv treatment for babies in crisis areas. We thank everyone who donates to this cause! Every little bit helps!

Katri & Garry

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