Manon is drawing for support

Manon Michelle Monhemius
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from € 350 (162%)

It breaks my heart to see the people who are already in a tough situation, getting hit by the Covid-19 crisis. Like people in immigration camps, in conflict areas, people in areas with bad medical support. 

One of my friends works with the organization, and that is how I have learned more about the great work this organization does. Especially in times when other NGO's are sending their people home, the people from Doctors Without Borders stay behind to help. 

I have been thinking for a while how I can offer support from home, while also putting a smile on people's faces. Since drawing is one of my big passions, I decided to make drawings in order to raise funds.

For every person that donations, I make a drawing. The more money you donate, the more detailed drawing you will receive. 

The bigger your donation --> the more detailed the drawing

This is the style I am drawing in. What kind of drawing I make depends on you.

After your donations, I will receive an email with your name, donation and emailadress. I will send you an email to ask the drawing you would like to receive. For example: your headshot photo as a drawing, something sweet for someone you love, a photo of your lockdown life on the couch. You name it. The bigger your donation, the more detailed the drawing. I will email you the drawing and publish it here.

Once you have donated, or received the drawing, it would be great if you can share my campaign with your friends!

Let's do this! €350 should be easy to raise if we work together! Maybe even more!

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